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BadoHade ICT Solutions

BadoHade is a private ICT Company which provides services in design, development, and implementation of web-based applications and databases. BadoHade works with governmental and non-governmental clients on ICT infrastructure installation, building databases, developing websites, and systems developments to solve complex problems of the greater public.

BadoHade focuses mainly on full stack development approach and has a great skill in its team. It has a clear policy on how to develop for situational and emerging markets using new technologies. Continuous support plan for clients also settled for each phase: in planning, development, testing, and implementation.


To provide ICT products and services with at most integrity to institutional and individual customer bases located in Tigray and abroad operating as a viable for-profit establishment


To be a major player in the global ICT industry and contributing towards an ICT independent Tigray.


  • We value ICT is important for advancement of humanity
  • Our customers are our sustainable business sources
  • Developing our employees is a bridge to our future
  • Integration of service is our identity


  • Software Design, Development & Implementation
  • Website Design & Development
  • Network Design, Installation & Maintenance
  • CCTV Camera Installation
  • Database Design, Administration & Data Processing
  • Graphics Design
  • ICT Related Accessories Sales
  • Fast Internet Service
  • ICT Consultancy Service

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